Frogjaw – your extra pair of hands! Innovative Kitchen Utensil Rest

The FrogjawWhat do you do when you’ve just stirred the pot, and are left holding a dirty spoon.  Simple…just attach Frogjaw!

Frogjaw is the new quirky cooking utensil attachment that enables kitchen tools and utensils to be propped off work surfaces, hooked onto pots, and much more.

Buy Your Frogjaw

Made from silicone frogjaw grips and travels with your kitchen tools, such as wooden spoons, keeping your kitchen work surfaces clean. Frogjaw is dishwasher safe, food safe and is resistant in heats up to 250°C.

      Once you have used Frogjaw you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Cooking Up A Storm

The Irish invented and designed Frogjaw has been cooking up a storm recently with his selection for the London Design Festival, being featured and interviewed on the Friday night innovation slot with Rebecca Pike on the Simon Mayo Drivetime BBC Radio 2 show, and also being featured in high profile interior magazines like ‘Home Interiors and Living’.

The Frogjaw can be called many things. Some people call it a Kitchen Tool, a Cooking Utensil, Wooden Spoon Rest, ‘Cook Hook’ or a general Kitchen Gadget. As Frogjaw is so unique, if is difficult even for us to categorize it. We just know that it is an innovative kitchen aid made from heat resistant silicone and we believe that there is nothing on the market like it. We also believe that every kitchen should have one (or several)! Food preparation can be made safer and cleaning up reduced when the Frogjaw is used. So come on, get yours today!